Superannuation is a way to save money for the future and as such it is important to understand how much super you’ll need and how to best manage the money for retirement.

Superannuation is an attractive way to save for the future because:

  • It receives favourable tax treatment both when you are working and in retirement.
  • Contributions to superannuation may attract a tax deduction or tax offset.
  • Investment earnings are taxed at 15 per cent rather than your marginal tax rate.
  • Capital Gains are also taxed concessionally at a maximum of 15%.

We can review your current superannuation and ensure it meets your retirement plans.

We can advise on Self-Managed Superannuation Funds and the benefits that these bring.

We can advise on tax effective investment strategies through your superannuation such as Salary Sacrifice.

We can rollover multiple superannuation funds into the one fund to reduce costs and increase earning power.

We can make Superannuation easy to understand and put in place a strategy that best meets your particular financial circumstances and your particular financial goals.

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