Appointments – What to Bring?

While not essential you should endeavour to bring the following information to an appointment…


  • Last year’s tax return
  • Tax file number
  • If you have previously lodged with a tax agent the postal address of that agent
  • If you have a partner who is not our client their date of birth, income and tax file number
  • Private Health Insurance Annual Statement
  • All supporting documentation such as receipts if you are claiming work related deductions that total over $300

Employment Income

  • Payment Summary (formerly called Group certificate)

Other Income

  • Eligible Termination Benefits
  • Superannuation

Bank Interest

  • Any income outside of employment income such as Bank Interest


  • Dividend Statements
  • Buy and sell prices of any shares sold during the year including dates thereof

Managed Funds

  • Annual Income Tax Statement
  • Bank statement detailing any interest earned

Rental Property

  • Property Manager’s Annual Statement
  • Expenses not included in Property Manager Annual Statement
  • Depreciation schedule
  • Capital purchases greater than $300

Work Related Deductions

  • Evidence for all Work Related Deductions

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